Statement from the Gala

The committee of Gibson St Gala would like to clarify their decision not to rent a stall to The Founders Trail/ Gallant Pioneers at this year’s event.

The use of the word “bigoted” came from a member of the public and is in no way a reflection of the views of the Gala Committee or anyone on it.

The Gala is a community event run by volunteers to provide a day of fun and relaxation for all the family. Volunteer organisers work hard over a number of months to raise funds in order to have a great Gala day which is free to the public. These fundraising endeavours make it possible to offer, for example, free activities and free entertainment for children.

The day has a wonderful atmosphere and has always received huge amounts of positive feedback from everyone involved.

After last year’s event there was some negative feedback about the presence of The Founders Trail and the associated football colours on display, so the decision was made not to have any team representation on the day this year.

The Gibson Street Gala relies on funding from local businesses and the support of the local community. The Gala fully supports Scottish football as a sport, but feels that this day is not the place to show affiliation to any particular team. This decision applies to all football teams.

Last year, The Founders Trail stall was well run and no one involved with the Gala had any issue with it.

The Gibson Street Gala is about bringing people together, to sing, dance, eat, drink and be entertained. The Gala welcomes everyone.

The committee certainly never intended to cause offence and apologises if its actions have been been misinterpreted.

It would be a great shame if the future of a gala for all the community were to be jeopardised by the response to a decision taken in good faith and without prejudice.